The Unity in Writing logo is a simplified schema of a book. We can pick it apart and add to it to highlight all the parts of a great story.

unity image 1

First, we have the concept of a great idea. It fits in a shape, has good scope and is something.

unity image book cover

This great idea, or concept, creates the center of the book. It is the idea from which all the content flows. Each word, which runs along the perimeter of this shape adds to the central idea.

unity image center

There must be a start to the story. Here we have an entrance to the story world. Thus the shape turns into a clock. We tick through the story from beginning to middle to end.

unity image opening

The unfolding of a book-sized story is usually well-structured. The beginning, middle and end are often thought of as the 3 Acts.

Unity in Writing: The 3 Acts

Additional lines can be added to mark other units of structure, such as plot points and chapters.

This simple diagram can be used in teaching writing craft, to aid in brainstorming and structuring a new book or checking whether you have all the expected parts.

It is at the heart of using Unity in Writing as a Design Principle and End Goal.